Brown Eyed Girls

Unlike 2NE1 or 4 Minutes who just debuted recently and already have gazillion bios and sites about them, Brown Eyed Girls has been in k-entertainment for some time. Although they debuted in 2006, there are not a lot of info about BEG. I personally think that BEG has the voice and is a good group so I snooped around and gathered some info^.^
--BEG consist of 4 members--

Real Name: 김효진 (Kim Hyo Jin)
Stage Name: Je-A (제아)
Position: Leader
Birthday: September 18, 1983
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Piano
Ideal Guy: Manly guy with comprehension
Favorite Musician: Eric Benet

Real Name:
박효진 (Park Hyo Jin)
Stage Name: Narcia (나르샤)
Position: Vocal
Birthday: December 28, 1983
Blood Type: A Hobbies: Piano, Collecting CDs
Ideal Guy: Guy with sense
Favorite Musicians: Yoon Mirae (Tasha), Beyonce, In Soonee

Real Name: 조미혜 (Jo Mi Hae)
Stage Name: Miryo (미료)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: November 2, 1983
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Guitar, Listening to music
Ideal Guy: Guy who is refined and has a great sense of humor
Favorite Musicians: Seo Taiji and Kids, Michael Jackson Cyworld:

Real Name: 손가인 (Son Ga In)
Stage Name: Ga-In (가인)
Position: Vocal
Birthday: September 20, 1987
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Interior designing, Dance, Watching movies
Ideal Guy: Guy that attracts you with one look
Favorite Musician: D-Sound

--their successes and failures--

Originally an R&B ballad group under Nega-Network, the making of the Brown Eyed Girls took about 3 years from the conception of a girl group, recruiting and training, to the production and release of their debut album (in 2006). The production of the album alone took about a year and half. Han Won-jong, the vocal coach of big K-pop stars like SG Wannabe and Jang Nara was in charge of training the members of the Brown Eyed Girls.

The female quartet personifies the genre of music called “hybrid soul” in which R&B is combined with hip-hop. They consist of 3 vocalists (Je-A, Narcia, Ga-In) and a rapper (Miryo), making it perfect for their type of music. Carrying the "Brown Eyes" brand name, expectations were sky-high for this group when they debuted.

However, success did not come overnight for Brown Eyed Girls. Before they debuted, Je-A and Narcia went through many auditions without being picked. Ga In first appeared on Battle Shinhwa, while Miryo was an unknown female rapper in Honey Family. Finally they were chosen to form a group together, as their record company was looking for talented musicians who had strong vocal skills rather than looks, and they were supposed to be the female version of Brown Eyes, which was a duo ballad group.

Their debut album in 2006 received very good reviews. Fans were blown away by their talent just listening and watching their performances on their debut song "Far Away". However, that did not translate to a lot of success. During that time, many talented new female R&B groups debuted and gained more TV exposure. As a result, Brown Eyed Girls were labeled as an underrated group at the time and remained relatively unknown to many mainstream fans.

The follow-up song "Hold The Line" featured rapper Cho-PD and had more success as a switch to an up-tempo song helped. Perhaps this song laid down the foundation of what Brown Eyed Girls had become now.

Later that year, Brown Eyed Girls members started to collaborate with other singers: Je-A jointed forces with See Ya's Yeon Ji and released a single "Jung". Ga-In sang a duet with SG Wannabe's Yong Joon for the Christmas hit "Must Have Love", while Narcia had a solo song in the OST of the KBS drama "Da Jo Young". Miryo was featured as rapper in other artistes' hit songs.

In 2007, Brown Eyed Girls released a digital single "I Am Summer", with the hit "Oasis" featuring Cool member Lee Jae Hoon. This song got BEG even closer to the fans. It was well received by mainstream audiences and the song became a top-5 hit.

In September 2007, Brown Eyed Girls released their 2nd album. Going back to their familiar R&B ballad style, this album surprisingly flopped. The music was good but it just didn't click with audiences. As a result, a change of concept was needed.

In early 2008, Brown Eyed Girls came back with a retro-style concept and released a mini-album "With L.O.V.E". After the disappointment of the 2nd album, expectations were not high for this mini-album. Surprisingly, it did very well as their colorful stage outfits and a well-written dance hit song "L.O.V.E" became an instant success and Brown Eyed Girls scored their 1st No. 1 song and also one of the top hit songs in the first half of 2008. This is such a sharp contrast to the disappointment of their 2nd album just months ago.

Brown Eyed Girls returned in September 2008 and released their 2nd mini-album "My Style". Title song "How" is another retro-style hit that has become a popular trend this year. "How" managed to hit No. 1 on a lot of music charts, proving that Brown Eyed Girls have established themselves as one of the top female groups in Korea. Their follow-up song "My Style" became another hit.

BEG are planning a comeback among the mist of girl groups (2NE1, 4minute, SNSD, Jewelry, Kara...) A Nega Network representative expressed: "Brown Eyed Girls will be releasing their new album in mid-July while their title song will be revealed in early July. Their new song will be of the retro concept, with a mix of heavy rhythm and punk style." In addition, the girls will be going through a radical 180° image transformation, make them to be more outgoing girls. The representative added, "Brown Eyed Girls will be transforming themselves with a city girls concept in mind, and will be placing a heavier focus on their feminine side. We hope that everyone can anticipate their new music and image."


Title: Vol.1 Your Story
Released: March 9, 2006
Format: CD (debut album)
01 세컨드 (Second)
02 다가와서 (Come Closer)
03 Far Away (Feat. MC 몽)
04 끈
05 Every Body (Feat. Big Tone)
06 잊어가잖아
07 오늘은 그대와 하늘 위로 (Feat. Bobby Kim)
08 넌 누굴 사랑하니?
10 혼잣말
11 네가 오는 날
12 Watch Out
13 묻지 못한 이야기
14 이제야 비로소 사랑을 말할 수 있다
15 Timing

Title: Vol.1 Your Story Repackaged Album
Released: August 29, 2006
Format: CD (repackaged)
Disc 2
01 Hold the Line feat. Jo PD
02 Second (Rock Remix Version)
03 Second (Hip-Hop Version)
04 Hold the Line (Instrumental)
05 Second (Instrumental)

Title: I Am Summer
Released: June 21, 2007
Format: Digital, CD (single)
01 Oasis feat. Lee Jae Hoon
02 Mine
03 Oasis Instrumental
04 Mine Instrumental

Title: Volume 2: Leave Ms. Kim
Release Date: September 6, 2007
Format: CD (sophomore album)
01 There is No Man feat. Young Ji
02 I'm Laughing (Ga In)
03 Leave Ms. Kim
04 Tagger
05 I Got Fooled By You
06 Why of All Things
07 Oasis feat. Lee Jae Hoon
08 Dazzlingly Good Day
09 Triangle
10 Hypnosis
11 Mine
12 How Could I Love You
13 Tagger (Background Music)
14 Leave Ms. Kim (Background Music)

Title: With L.O.V.E.
Released: January 17, 2008
Format: Digital, CD (1st Mini-Album) Tracklist:
01 Love Action (Feat. Jo PD)
02 L.O.V.E
03 이별편지 (Farewell Letter)
04 Love Action (Rap by Miryo)
05 Love Action (inst)
06 L.O.V.E (inst)
07 이별편지 (Farewell Letter) (inst)

Title: My Style
Released: September 18, 2008
Format: Digital, CD (2nd Mini-Album)
01 YOU
02 How
03 Barely
04 I Won’t Love Again
05 How [inst]
06 I Won’t Love Again [inst]

Title: My Style (Hidden Track)
Released: October 20, 2008
Format: CD, Digital Single
01 My Style (Hidden Track)
02 I Won’t Love Again (Unplugged Ver)
03 My Style (The Day They Received the Song)

~as of June 2009
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